TFT Papua in Practice

TFT Papua in Practice is a collection of stories about the work we are doing. It includes stories of personal and collective transformation in the words of our community partners, facilitators and writers.

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Our Stories

Our community partners share their stories. Read them all here, or select a region of interest below.

Stories from Numfor Island

Fyarkin is an indigenous community organisation established by the people of Saribi-Supmander on the island of Numfor in 2020. They are working to rekindle their community life and to revitalise the values that their ancestors lived by, in order to build a better life. The idea of Fyarkin emerged from a community dialogue that TFT Papua began to facilitate in 2019. Fyarkin is now a self-sufficient community organisation that TFT Papua is proud to have as a partner.

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Stories from Okaba

Okaba district lies on the south coast of Papua, facing the Arafura sea. A low-lying area, it is at particular risk from the climate crisis. Some coastal fishing communities have lost up to 9 metres of land a year to rising sea levels since 2010. Bushfires are increasing in their severity. TFT Papua began work in Okaba district, Merauke in 2021. We spent a year listening to communities in the area, learning about the issues that most troubled them. With those insights, TFT Papua has begun to facilitate a dialogue so that communities in Okaba can rebuild the institutions they need to navigate an uncertain world.

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Stories from Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat Local Homestay Association was established in 2012 to represent the interests of indigenous people in Raja Ampat seeking to protect their land from the growing resort industry. In 2016, as the Association’s mandate grew to incorporate the needs of farmers and fishers, the organisation changed its name to the Association of Indigenous Business and Livelihood Entrepreneurs in Raja Ampat (PERJAMPAT).

TFT Papua is currently assisting PERJAMPAT in the development of farmer and fisher groups, through strengthening PERJAMPAT’s community facilitation skills.

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